Asset Management One International is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we adhere to the highest levels of regulation relevant to the territories in which we operate


Pillar 3  Disclosure 

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The EU Capital Requirements Directive 2006 created a revised regulatory capital framework based on the provisions of the Basel 2 Capital Accord

This document sets out the Pillar 3 Disclosure for Asset Management One International Ltd.



Tax Strategy 

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Asset Management One International Ltd.'s Tax Strategy is to ensure that our tax affairs are managed in a straightforward manner, "paying what we owe" at the right time in order to comply with out tax obligations

This document addresses:

  • The company's approach to risk management and governance arrangements in relation to UK taxation

  • The Company's approach to conducting its tax affairs, including its attitude to tax planning

  • The company's approach towards dealing with HMRC

  • The level of risk in relation to UK tax that the company is prepared to accept



RTS 28 Report 

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Asset Management One International (hereafter, AMOI) executes orders in several asset classes on behalf of a wide range of institutional clients, primarily located in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Orders are executed at all times in accordance with AMOI’s Order Execution Policy.

This document addresses Asset Management One International Ltd.'s order executions