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Asset Management One International launches further new UCITS funds for EMEA

November 04, 2019

Asset Management One International Ltd. announces the launch of additional Luxembourg domiciled UCITS funds, the Japan Impact Equity Portfolio and the Ganriki Japan Small Cap Equity Portfolio, allowing institutional and wholesale investors further access to Asset Management One’s industry leading Japanese equity investment capabilities.

Asset Management One publishes stewardship report

July 21, 2019

Asset Management One Co., Ltd. published the "Asset Management One Stewardship Report 2019" to introduce and provide an overview of the status of stewardship activities on July 12th. 

The main topics for this year are ESG Integration , which considers ESG factors when making investment decisions, case studies of climate change engagement, and integration of proxy voting and engagement. 

Asset Management One joins RE100 as the first asset management company in Japan

July 08, 2019

Asset Management One Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that they are the first asset management company in Japan to join RE100, a global initiative led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP that brings together large, influential businesses committed to 100% renewable power. Asset Management One has made an international public commitment to sourcing all its electricity consumption from renewable energy by 2050, and will contribute to accelerating renewable energy adoption.

Asset Management One International Ltd. announces new EMEA CEO

March 06, 2019

Asset Management One International Ltd. announces the appointment of Mr. Toru Yoshibe as Chief Executive Officer. Transferring from the Asset Management One Tokyo headquarters, Mr. Yoshibe will be instrumental in further promoting Asset Management One’s extensive investment capabilities to institutional and wholesale clients across EMEA.

Asset Management One launches innovative new AI Deep Learning UCITS Fund

August 20, 2018

Asset Management One International Ltd. announces the launch of the AI Deep Learning Global Equity portfolio, targeted at EMEA institutional and wholesale investors. The portfolio is the latest addition to the AMO range of Luxembourg domiciled UCITS funds, bringing innovation to equity investments. The fund utilises Deep Learning, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique, investing predominantly in global equities to obtain capital growth.

AMO takes over Mizuho's Global Alternative Investment department

May 31, 2018

Mizuho Global Alternative Investments becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Asset Management One


Mizuho Bank, Ltd. a core subsidiary of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. and Asset Management One Co., Ltd., have entered into a memorandum of understanding on June 1 2018, pertaining to the transfer of shares. AM-One is a consolidated subsidiary of Mizuho Financial Group and an affiliated company of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. Under the MOU, Mizuho Bank has agreed to transfer to AM-One all the issued shares of Mizuho Global Alternative Investments, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho Bank. 

Citywire Selector and Citywire Welath Manager cover two new UCITS Funds Launch

March 15, 2018

Citywire Selector and Citywire Wealth Manager cover AMO's further ventures into the European Market with its two new UCITS Fund Launches, "AMO Japan Growth Equity Portfolio" & "AMO Japan Value Equity Portfolio". With comment from Mr Serge Kasai, Senior Product Manager, EMEA.

Full Article: Asian Giant Ramps up UCITS Push With Double Launch - Citywire Selector

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Asset Management One launches two new Luxembourg domiciled UCITS Funds

March 15, 2018

Asset Management One launches two new UCITS Funds to add to its pre-existing stable of UCITS funds domiciled in Luxembourg for EMEA institutional and wholesale investors. The AMO Japan Growth Equity Portfolio focuses on listed companies in Japan with a competitive advantage and high management quality driving long-term earnings growth. AMO Japan Value Equity Portfolio identifies the underlying value of stocks, investing in undervalued stocks compared to their intrinsic value based on in-depth fundamental research. 

New Head of Relationship Management and Senior Product Manager, EMEA

February 05, 2018

Asset Management One International announces new Head of Relationship Management and Senior Product Manager, EMEA; Mr Serge Kasai. Mr. Kasai brings over twenty years’ investment experience servicing institutional clients and the wider investment community. Prior to this move Mr. Kasai was Global Product Specialist at Asset Management One, providing analysis across the full range of investment assets and global capital markets since joining the firm in November 2014 (formerly known as DIAM Co., Ltd.).

Asset Management One awarded in the Asia Asset Management Best of the Best Awards 2018

January 18, 2018

Asset Management One awarded for Asia Asset Management Best of the Best Awards 2018, wining the CIO of the Year (Japan), Best Responsible Investor (Japan) and Asian Fund Launch of the Year (Japan). Full list of awards can be found here

Asset Management One to develop Utilisation of AI and Big Data

October 12, 2017

Asset Management One to strengthen efforts for asset management innovation (Utilisation of AI and Big Data), accumulating knowledge and technologies on AI and Big Data and to increase its alpha creation capabilities, establishing the innovation task force in 2014 and launching the AI Task Force in April 2017. Asset Management One will build Big-data analysis infrastructure and develop AI technology to develop and provide highly competitive products.

Asset Management One's Stewardship Responsibilities Initiative

August 30, 2017

Asset Management One has revised its action policies pertaining to the seven principles along with Japan’s Stewardship Code that was revised on May 29 this year. Asset Management One added “Preventive measures for conflicts of interest,” “Disclosure of results of proxy voting,” “Purposeful dialogue with the investee companies (engagement)” and “Disclosure of self-evaluation” to our action policy based on our activities as a front-runner aiming for best practice in the Japanese asset management industry.

Asset Management One to enhance engagement in passive investment

May 24, 2017

Asset Management One strengthens passive investment engagement in both Japanese and foreign stocks and proud to announce a partnership with Hermes EOS in foreign stocks. Asset Management One has created the Responsible Investment Department and has been working on engagements such as purposeful dialogue to investee companies regarding ESG and on proxy voting. In April 2017, we have doubled our ESG analysts who are in charge of engagement in Japanese stock’s passive investment to develop the capability of purposeful dialogue to help improve sustainable corporate value. 

Asset Management One Awarded for R&I Fund Award 2017

May 21, 2017

Asset Management One Co., Ltd. is honoured to announce that the respected R&I has awarded Asset Management One for the Investment Strategy for Defined Benefit Pension Category in its annual R&I Fund Award 2017.

Asset Management One awarded in eleven categories in annual R&I Fund Award 2017

April 19, 2017

Asset Management One is honoured to announce that the respected R&I has awarded Asset Management One for eleven categories in its annual R&I Fund Award 2017.

All eleven awards are displayed in the Press Release:

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